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Power to keep expanding gemba sites

MCLC has sought to strengthen and expand our strategic capabilities to offer our customers reliable, high-quality logistics services.

A full-service chemical tanker fleet meets a range of customer needs

Japan coastal services include company-owned vessels, chartered vessels, and one round trip chartered vessels for a total of 33 ships. We operate six oceangoing vessels including 100,000-ton naphtha tankers. At MCLC, we see our mission as providing logistics services with safe, stable, high-quality vessels. We replace our domestic chemical tankers on a timely basis, in most cases with larger vessels that can transport more cargo more efficiently, with less impact on the environment and greater safety and comfort for the crew. This is just one way we are moving toward providing KAITEKI logistics.
  • Ryoka-maru No.5

    Ryoka Maru No.5
    Completed in October 2012. Equipped with dual counter-rotating propellers for greater fuel efficiency.

  • Sankyou-maru No.2

    Sankyo Maru No.2
    Completed in February 2013. Equipped with the latest energy-saving equipment, including an electronically controlled engine.

  • Ryoka-maru No.7

    Ryoken Maru
    Completed in September 2013. The ship features a cargo tank made of improved materials, as well as enhanced safety and fuel efficiency, and more comfortable crew quarters.

Building more SUS tanks

MCLC owns 34 chemical tanks, Nine are of SUS, which can be used to store 4th class hazardous materials /No.1 petroleum. At our tank yards, which are the link between ocean transport and land transport, MCLC uses 3PL as a strategic capability, and we are working to set our tank service apart from the competition and provide even greater added value.

    Construction finished in December 2013. Built within the Kawasaki Terminal

Building more warehouses overseas

MCLC owns several warehouses overseas, which serve as strategic links in our overseas-domestic total logistics network. We have operated two warehouses in Thailand since 1998, and in March 2013, we completed a third facility with 6,800m2 of floor area to meet Thailand's expanding demand for automotive components storage. In December 2013, the fourth warehouse of 8,160m2 was completed, and MCLC moved from bulk logistics into the storage and distribution of manufactured components, as well as logistics-related processing services. These moves stabilized and solidified the foundation of our operations in Thailand.
  • No.4 warehouse in Thailand, which was completed in December 2013. The facility is operated by Siam Chemical Logistics, partly owned by MCLC.

More intensive personnel training

At MCLC, we consider development and training of the personnel who support Gemba -ryoku as an important strategic mission, and we have aggressive programs to accomplish that task. For example, it is essential that those in chemical logistics operations understand chemicals and how to handle them. so we provide training programs to everyone in our company with specialized instruction for different job classifications. We aim to have personnel and organizations that can ensure top-quality services to our customers by visualizing and quantifying own operations through initiatives such as management reform training for middle managers and programs for expanding the contributions of women.
  • A seminar on the physical properties of chemical products, required for all employees

  • Supporting the success of women in the workplace.

Learn about MCLC
  • One-stop domestic-overseas total logistics
  • Power to keep expanding gemba sites
  • Boosting efficiency through logistics reform
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