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Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

In order to smoothly implement our operations, the Company acquires and uses names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and other personal information of customers ("Customers"). Recognizing the appropriate protection of personal information ("Personal Information") of Customers as its important responsibility, the Company handles and uses Personal Information in accordance with the following policies so that it should fulfill such responsibility:

  • (1)The Company complies with the laws on personal information protection and other related laws and regulations and properly handles such information by complying with practices in handling personal information generally recognized as fair and reasonable. The Company also makes efforts to make necessary improvement as required.
  • (2)The Company clearly defines the rules on the handling of Personal Information and provides the widest possible publicity to its employees.
  • (3)In obtaining Personal Information, the company specifies the purpose of use, makes notification or publicity, and handles such Personal Information strictly following the purpose of its use.
  • (4)In order to prevent illegal disclosure, loss or damage of Personal Information, the Company properly controls and manages the Personal Information by taking the appropriate measures.
  • (5)Regarding Personal Information it owns, the Company accepts requests for disclosure, correction, termination of use and other requests by Customers through the predefined contact and takes proper action to fulfill the requests.

Personal Information Protection Guidelines

The Company handles the Personal Information as described below:

1.Purpose of use
In conducting its specified distribution business described in its Articles of Incorporation ("Business"), the Company acquires Personal Information necessary for conducting its business and uses such Personal Information for the following purposes:
Provision of the Business and relevant services, sales of goods, installation of facilities necessary for services, maintenance and repair, after-sales services, notification, responses to inquiries, credit judgment and management, and other related business implementation.
2.Disclosure and provision to third parties
Unless specified in laws and/or regulations, the Company will neither disclose nor provide Personal Information of any Customer to any third party unless it has obtained a prior agreement from such Customer.
3.Shared use of Personal Information
Customer's Personal Information that the Company has acquired may be shared and used with the Company's subsidiaries.
Items of Personal Data that may be shared Personal Information including the name of each Customer; organization each Customer belongs to and his/her title, address, telephone number, FAX number and e-mail address.
Scope of users that share Personal Information The Company's subsidiaries
The purpose of use of Personal Information by the user The Purpose of use defined in the above Article 1.
The Company responsible for control and management of Customer data MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL LOGISTICS CORPORATION

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