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Realizing KAITEKI logistics

A 3PL chemicals logistics company,  born of 3G, delivers outstanding value.

One-stop domestic-overseas total logistics

In addition to overseas operations, our extensive logistics network encompasses oceangoing vessels, Japanese coastal vessels, fueling stations, land transport, and customs clearance specialists. Our experience and know-how in chemical-related logistics allow for domestic and overseas total logistics service. MCLC is the only chemicals logistics company that can offer that level of service.

Power to keep expanding gemba sites

We constantly expand and improve our gemba sites, building new chemical tankers and onshore SUS tanks, and constructing additional storage facilities overseas, while providing continual training of the specialized personnel who support the gemba. Based on very strong gemba ryoku, MCLC offers top-quality logistics services.

Boosting efficiency through logistics reform

As part of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation Group, MCLC has for many years nurtured a storehouse of know-how and experience, which gives the company a unique capability to propose measures to reduce logistics costs while boosting efficiency. In addition to "LIFE Methodology," our unique logistics efficiency scenario, we offer unique solutions such as optimal shipment tools, optimal inventory management, and other efficiency-boosting logistics reforms that only MCLC can offer.
Learn about MCLC
  • One-stop domestic-overseas total logistics
  • Power to keep expanding gemba sites
  • Boosting efficiency through logistics reform
  • Medium-term Management Plan

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